If You’re New Here

I know what you’re thinking.  “Why do half of these posts start with the letter ‘P’?”

I’m still kind of wondering that myself.

At the beginning of 2017, I had the conviction that my word for the year was going to be Patience.  So I wrote that down (Patience).  And then I learned about the importance of Presence (Presence).  Then I started writing thoughts down about Plans (Plans).  Pretty soon after, I saw the pattern, and decided to run with it.  And by God’s design, everything I have been learning in 2017 can all be tied back in to a word that starts with the letter “P”–so there you have it!

I’m not saying you have to read all of the blogs from 2017 in the order that I wrote them–there are quite a few–but just understand that for that year specifically, the learning process was relative, in that every new thing I learned seemed to build on top the previous thing.  And it all started with Patience.

Another thing.  I write in the same way that I speak.  I’ve been told that makes it easier for everyone to follow my train of thought–I tend to believe that is true.  And because my thoughts are often interconnected, I am prone to putting the link to a previous blog in the middle of the present blog because I have some feeling that it is relevant.

Final thought.  I always end my blogs referencing a song.  I believe music speaks to us more powerfully sometimes when words alone are insufficient.  My all-time favorite hymn is How Great Thou Art, because it proclaims that truth that “Then sings my Soul, my savior God to Thee, how Great Thou art!”  Notice it did not say “then sings my voice,” or “then sings the words from my mouth.”  No, the lyric was clear.  When we our using our lives to worship God, then we are singing with our very souls.  That is my goal, which is why this has always been my inner theme song, and the driving force behind my writings.

(Thus the title “thensingsmysoulll,” if you caught that.)

xoxox, meg

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